You can’t refer to iOS as the limited support operating system, as there are many tools that support iOS and vice versa. We shared some of the tools with you in our recent tutorials like the iTools. A third party software to manage your iPhone, iPod, and iPad matters using your PC other than Macbook too. Today we brought another tool suite for the iPhone and iPad users that can let them manage their iOS devices. Let see what this tool has got and what is missing? Also, download the 3uTools for PC directly from our Google Drive as it is a safe and secure source.

What can you do using 3uTools for PC?


Like Android rooting, 3uTools is the tool used for iOS jailbreaking. You can unlock the full potential of iOS through Jailbreaking. Maybe some apps will have an issue with the Jailbroken iOS. But, you can manage to use them through the other tools or the modified version of them. SHSH backup, baseband upgrading, and baseband downgrading, and much more are possible through this tool.

Flash OS:

Flashing the iOS with a trio of modes, normal, DFU Mode, and the recovery mode is also a feature of 3uTools. Modes are located in the “More” tab under the “Firmwares”.

3uTools for PC

Noobs friendly interface

Such kind of tools is most complicated. People who have low knowledge of the operating systems and apps can’t pick such software usage easily. But, the 3uTools have kept the interface straight and simple. You can also check the following details of the iPhone, iPhone’s Type, Serial number, Jailbreak status, Region, Warranty details, Activated status, Memory details.

Compatible with multiple OS:

This tool is highly popular and recommended by many top technology blogs. The trial is free and all users can test the trial version to clarify whether this tool deserves their money or not. You can download 3uTools for PC, Windows, and macOS through this tutorial. 3uToolsfor PC supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina. Also check, what are the key features of 3uTools and how it treats our system.

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