Adaware Antivirus 12 is the best and the most powerful version in the Adaware For PC history. Get real-time antivirus scanning and behavior monitoring on your Windows device to detect and remove malicious and suspicious viruses. Moreover, the latest version of Adaware antivirus also includes a new protection tool that provides extra layers of protection to your Windows system.

Moreover, the free version of Adaware antivirus can scan for viruses, malware, spyware, phishing, online scams, and hackers. Moreover, all of the downloads and the files that are being downloaded are scanned automatically. The auto-scan feature is used to detect and remove any additional viruses that come when you download anything from the internet.



Features Of Adaware For PC

Adaware antivirus offers many features that you can use to protect your Windows desktop or laptop. Moreover, the combination of antivirus and malware detection software protects your system from any external and online threats. The online protection features ensure that the user is protected when he or she is surfing the web.

Adaware For PC

Virus Scan

Adaware For PC is one of the best free virus scanning tools. Moreover, this tool can also scan faster than any other free virus scanning tool. To be exact on figures the Adaware antivirus takes approximately a little more time than 21 minutes to scan our 50GB of test data.

The Free Adaware antivirus stopes 100% of viruses while performing at the VB-100 test. With this tool, you can also quickly scan your Windows device. The antivirus can block viruses, malware, spyware, phishing, online scams, and hackers on your network.

Real-time Virus Scanning

The real-time virus scanning feature scans your Windows PC to detect and remove viruses. However, this feature does not perform alone. The behavior monitoring tool also activates its self and uses different algorithms and behavior analysis to detect viruses and the real-time virus scan removes the viruses from your system.

Adaware For PC

Customizing features

If you don’t like the view of the Adaware For PC then you can use the customization features of this application to change the view of it. You can create a personalized view of this application according to your preferences.

Ads Blocker

Freely access the content on your device without any intrusions from ads and trackers. Moreover, all of the ads on your web browser will also be removed.

Camera And Mic Blocker

Hackers have the power and the capability of hacking your Windows device without you even noticing. They can even access your system camera and mic to watch you and listen to your conversations. Using Adaware antivirus you can additionally stop the camera and the mic of your device from working.

Game Mode

In addition to the security features and the malware protection features, you also get a special gaming mode. Using the gaming mode you will be able to play games freely without any intrusion from the pop-up notification. When you enter the full screen while playing games the game mode automatically activates its self.

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