AirDroid for PC is like a phone cloner on Laptop. In previous years, using a Phone on a Laptop is a new trend. Especially people who are involved in an office job, prefer to manage phone usage on a laptop. Because it’s irritating to use 2 devices at a time. There are a lot of other benefits too.



If you are searching for a good source that lets you manage your phone on Laptop, We recommend AirDroid. Download the AirDroid for Windows from the button present on the pricing table. Also, check the features which are the reasons for our recommendation of AirDroid for PC.

AirDroid for PC Characteristics

  • Manage your mobile‚Äôs data,
  • Receive phone calls,
  • Send and receive messages,
  • Access to address book,
  • Share photos, and much more

Ease of access

There is much software that required a lengthy procedure for the installation and getting them ready to use. But, there are no such conditions in the AirDroid for PC case. The downloading and installation is very easy and quick. You need to enter some credentials for downloading.

AirDroid for PC

Air Mirror

This feature makes the AirDroid for Windows superior to other competitors. The AirMirror feature lets you view the image of your mobile screen. You can use a mouse to do further treatments.

Secure and Safe

Phone Cloner is really sensitive software. Phone cloning sounds like putting the data at high risk. AirDroid tried its best to keep the strongest security as much as possible. Strong encryption prevents the outsourcing interruption to reach or manipulate your device’s internal data. So, we can say AirDroid is safe and secure to use apparently.

Consumes less storage and provide max results

The app is very lightweight as it occupied very little space in your system as well as consuming very low resources. Just install and start running the software without any need for extra professionalism.


This tool is highly popular and recommended by many top technology blogs. You can download AirDroid for PC, Windows, and macOS through this tutorial. AirDroid for Windows supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina. Also check, what are the key features of the AirDroid and how it treats our system, read above.