To enjoy multiple accounts of a singular platform, Download App Cloner APK. The app that I’m talking about, it helps you create a replica of applications, so you can enjoy different accounts in them. However, for your sake, I would suggest getting App Cloner for Android Latest Version.

App Cloner APK


Not all of us like limit our social life to a singular account. Because some of us have several phone numbers from which a messenger can no longer be of any help. And platforms like Facebook that doesn’t restrict users from creating multiple accounts, they are hard to manage with a single app.

App Cloner APK allows users to have as many accounts of a social app or game. Users are never asked to pay any real money to use the app’s services, but only, register with an email account so they can have the option of creating a backup. Though, it is quite fascinating that now you can access such services for free.

App Cloner APK

Features of App Cloner APK

Users of App Cloner APK love using the app’s services to claim their perspective goals. Because the app’s interface is very simple and you are never asked to follow any sorts of hassle to get a job done. Anyone can simply navigate to the app’s settings or jump from one account to another.

Tons of customizations

After you are done creating a clone of an app, you are allowed to customize it. For instance, you can change the name of that particular app and even set a logo of your choice. Select either you want to connect it internet or external storage of your smartphone. Even create a backup if you want to.

Great security protocols

There’s no need to worry about your online security while using App Cloner APK. Because it is developed specifically for social media users. The app uses special protocols to ensure that a user’s account details are secured from third-party users. So its totally safe to use a social app through this platform.

App Cloner for Android

Best for gamers

Players who want to access multiple accounts while playing multiplayer games, they should use this app. Because this way, they’ll be able to collect tons of online rewards. And especially the ones who play strategic games, they should try playing with more than one account to practice a little on the battlefields.

Privacy precautions

After installing App Cloner APK and launching the app, a user is allowed to add any application for cloning purposes. And once he’s done is adding apps and creating accounts, he’s allowed to set a passcode or pattern lock for his privacy. Likewise, a user can also create false calculator apps for his sake.

Night Mode

If a user ever gets bored by the app’s interface, he can customize the themes. A good thing about this app is that it lets you select a light or dark theme. This way, you can even use the app’s services on upgraded OS like Android 10 and Android 11.

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