Download AppLock APK to protect your handheld devices from bullies. This privacy utility is designed for users who don’t want others to take a peek into their private data & apps. Users can set a strong passcode or pattern to hide their private data from the hunter’s eye. Though, if you want to benefit the most, you should get AppLock for Android Latest Version.

AppLock APK


Almost every person has stored lots of data on his smartphone. Most of which is private enough that he doesn’t want others to acknowledge. But there are times when a user has to give his handheld device to a colleague or children, so in such sorts of situations, he needs a third-party app to protect his privacy.

AppLock APK is a privacy tool developed for the security of Android smartphone users. It allows users to set security protocols on the apps and data which they want others to access. However, it’s up to a user whether he wants to go with the free version that contains ads or buy the premium version to avoid any sorts of online interruptions.

AppLock APK

Features of AppLock APK

Customize Personalization

By any chance, if you get bored by the default app interface, you’ve got the option to change it whenever you want to. Lots of themes are added for your benefit and you can also set a background image of your choice. And if you want more appearance changes, then you are allowed to create app drawers of your chosen apps.

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Security Measures

Yes, AppLock APK does allow you to set a passcode on apps. But you can also take further measures to ensure your device’s security. For instance, a user can set a selfie of intruders who are trying to access his private data. The taken photo is secretly saved directly into the media gallery.

AppLock for Android

Media Vault

If you don’t want others to acknowledge that you’ve secured data on your device, then you can use the media vault for your benefit. This way, you are able to hide all your private videos and photos from third-party users. In fact, it’s quite impressive that even the app developers can’t take a peek into your private vault.

Lock Optimization

In case you think that your kids could mistakenly delete the AppLock APK, then you can set extra precautions to protect the uninstallation of this app. Furthermore, you can also secure your device’s settings, so no one else could reboot your device’s settings just to access your private data.

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Lite App

This app doesn’t consume lots of your device’s performance. In fact, it never affects your device’s healthy and you can use it even on slower devices. It contains a save mode for users who don’t other apps to consume lots of RAM. Moreover, you can even use it without connecting your device to the internet.

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