Download ASUS Fan Xpert for PC to optimize your device’s fan speed. This freeware is available for individuals who never want their computer to get heat up. Because whenever you are running high-end games or video editing programs on it, you may encounter an increase of heat in your CPU. So it would be a better idea to install ASUS Fan Xpert for Windows 10.

ASUS Fan Xpert


Many gamers and professional media creators prefer to use a top-notch device. And they do know that device has its limits, so they always try to keep their devices cool for better performance. But using big fans to cool down the CPU isn’t enough, you also need a program that could help you acknowledge what needs to be done to cool down your CPU.

ASUS Fan Xpert for PC gives you the option of controlling the CPU’s fan speed. Through its facilities, users can easily improve their PC’s performance to make the most out of it. Also, it has different modes that help you optimize the fan speed accordingly. You can enable any mode whenever you like to.

FAQs About ASUS Fan Xpert For PC

ASUS Fan Xpert For PC

How Do You Use ASUS Fan Xpert?

Users can perform their desired tasks using the services of ASUS Fan Xpert PC. They are required to select their Fan, so they can move forward in customizing their speed. After selecting a fan, start optimizing the fan’s speed according to their needs. Slow it down, fasten it, balance it, or make it go in the silent mode.

What Is RPM Mode?

The RPM Mode can be selected in ASUS Fan Xpert to optimize fan speed when the CPU’s heat level decreases from 75°C. It is used when the CPU is going toward bad healthy indications, so users can allow the software to maximize its performance. Even you can take full control of fan speed in such a mode.

What Is Smart Mode?

The Smart Mode in ASUS Fan Xpert for Windows lets you control the fan speed like you want to. You can enhance the performance level while playing games and keeping it silent while working at night. Every user gets the option of customizing his device’s fans while using the smart mode.

How Do You Enter ASUS BIOS?

You don’t need the assistance of any third-party software to enter ASUS BIOS. All you have to do is press the Del button at the time when the ASUS logo is showing during the boot process. You’ll be led directly to your device’s BIOS settings without any further questions asked.

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