Download Baidu WiFi Hotspot for PC to share your network with other devices. This freeware helps you make your computer a networking source/router for other electronic devices. You can use it to connect your mobile device with your PC as well. So it would be better to install Baidu WiFi Hotspot for Windows 10/8/7 OS.

Baidu WiFi Hotspot


When it comes to sharing administrative privileges, many users decide to stay behind the walls. Because if any untrusted user gets all the network privileges, he can also control your device from a far distance. So if you wish to share your network but not share network privileges, sharing a hotpot is a better solution in such situations.

Baidu WiFi Hotspot for PC helps you use your device as a source of the network. You share your internet connection with other devices without having to give them your actual router’s passcode. The software’s designed to work with all the latest versions of Windows 10, so every PC owner can benefit from it.

FAQs About Baidu WiFi Hotspot For PC

Baidu WiFi Hotspot For PC

Q) Is Baidu WiFi Hotspot Secure?

A) Yes, Baidu WiFi Hotspot can be trusted in the case of sharing Wi-Fi. Because the application is designed to share the network securely. Every user is allowed to set a strong password on his hotspot, so no intruder can intercept his network. So that only person who knows the password can connect with it.

Q) Is Baidu WiFi Hotspot Totally Free?

A) You’ll be amazed by the fact that Baidu WiFi Hotspot for PC is totally free. This utility doesn’t contain any hidden charges, so users can benefit from its services without emptying their pockets. They can share their network and allow other devices to connect browse the internet for free.

Q) Can You Share Files Using Baidu WiFi Hotspot?

A) Individuals are allowed to share files using Baidu WiFi Hotspot. For that, they’ll have to use the web interface. But it does come in handy in situations like when you wish to transfer/share files between a computer and smartphone. You are allowed to share as many files as you want to without having to face any bandwidth limitations.

Q) Can You Get Details Of Connected Devices?

A) Users can access the list of devices that are connected through Baidu WiFi Hotspot for Windows. This application allows you to locate a device by its name. After getting a device’s name, it’s up to you, whether to let it connected with your hotspot or block it instantly.

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