Download BitComet For PC tool which is specifically designed for downloading and sharing files online. BitComet For Windows is an HTTP and FTP client of BitTorrent. Moreover, P2P file sharing is an entirely free program and is fully compatible with BitTorrent fast transferring speed. Easily transfer small 100 MB files or 1 GB files at high speeds.



Furthermore, there are multiple options that you can choose to change the downloading functions for different in-progress downloading files. Watch the real-time downloading of all of the files. Also, align the files and arrange them in a queue for being downloaded. Moreover, you also have the power to download torrent files from torrent packages.

Some of the basic functions of the BitComet For PC are the Quick resume of interrupted torrent download, Pause downloads, Set speed limits for downloads, communication, disk cache, auto port mapping, proxies, IP-filter, and a lot more functions. This tool is packed with many amazing functions and features that you will love using while you are downloading your favorite Torrent files.

Features Of BitComet For PC

BitComet For PC


The interface of this tool resembles a lot like any other Torrent client and very familiar with eMule. Moreover, all of the features and the functions are located in the left pane of the home screen of the BitComet app. Furthermore, all of the control buttons and the downloads are located in the middle of the main screen.

All of the other functions like stop, pause, cancel, and update are located with all of the downloading torrent files. You can also select the option “Remove Torrent and All Files” for removing any downloaded torrent files from your system. The interface offered by this tool is very easy to use and contains many amazingly unique features.


With this tool, you can easily manage all of your downloaded torrent files. Easily open Torrent files online and directly download them with the BitComet For PC tool. Moreover, this tool automatically downloads magnet files and open trackers. You will also find all of the detailed information about downloading torrent files.

BitComet For PC

Furthermore, all of the features will are also explained in the information. You will find all of the detailed information relating to transferring speed, contents, images, related comments, and much more. There are many protocols that this tool follows for enhancing the download speeds and the performance of the BitComet for Windows tool.

Manage Downloads

The download manager of this tool is extremely reliable as it set priorities for every downloading file. This tool skips all of the downloads and arranges all of the downloads from a higher priority to a lower priority. Moreover, you can also create file queues to set the downloading sequence. Furthermore, using this amazing tool you can easily download files from non-BitTorrent sources.

Disk Cache

Using the Disk Cache feature offered by BitComet, you can enjoy up to 500 Kb/s transfer rate. However, this feature requires a fast internet connection. Moreover, this feature exerts a force on your reading and writing memory of your system. However, this fore is minimal and does not cause any performance decrease of your system.


This app is fully compatible with all versions of Windows and can also run on a 32-bit system as well as on a 64-bit system. You can enjoy the full performance of this tool while using Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10 specifically.

BitComet For PC

Key Features

  • A BitTorrent client of HTTP and FTP.
  • Peer-to-peer file sharing.
  • Freeware for all.
  • The distribution between MB and GB files.
  • Easy interface with many options on the main screen.
  • Manage torrent downloads.
  • Manage download manager.
  • Disk Cashe.

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