Download Cain & Abel For PC which is an amazing security tool for decrypting and decoding passwords. You can also use this tool for recovering passwords for Windows. The main purpose of this type of tool is to provide the user with the ability to gain access to the forgotten passwords of different applications or web apps.

Cain & Abel


However, this tool is so powerful that many professional hackers were able to unlock the full potential of this tool. This tool use methods like dictionary attacks, brute force, and cryptanalysis attacks to crack strong passwords. Moreover, this tool also uses Network Packet Sniffing for recovering passwords on the Windows platform.

Moreover, this tool also features many powerful decoding algorithms and decrypting very useful tools. If ransomware has attacked your system, then you can use this amazing tool to decrypt all of your data. And this pool will make sure that all your data is decrypted and you have full access to your PC.

Cain & Abel For PC

Features Of Cain & Abel For PC

Password Security

This tool is using advanced algorithms which rely on WinPcap to monitor network activity. This tool also uses the transmission of passwords on the network and provides additional security to your passwords. Moreover, You can use the Cain & Abel For PC for extracting passwords.

Password Extraction

Most of us forget our important passwords because we don’t manage our passwords. Using Cain & Abel tool, we can easily extract the saved passwords from a variety of applications. Most of those applications store these passwords in strong encryption. However, Cain & Abel tool can decrypt those encryptions and allows you to view those passwords.

Installation of Cain & Abel tool

When you are trying to install Cain & Abel software on your system you will be asked to install two different applications. The first application will be Cain, the purpose of this tool is to decrypt passwords. And the second application is Able, which is a Windows NT Server that protects your passwords on the network.

Cain & Abel For PC

Anti-Virus – False Positive

While you are installing Cain & Abel For PC, your anti-virus may get triggered. Or your anti-virus may flag this application as Malware or a virus. This is a False Positive and you don’t have to worry about anything.


This tool is available for all modern versions of Windows. Including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and  Windows 10. Moreover, this tool is free to download and use.

Q) How does this application work?

A) Cain & Abel uses a dictionary list for accessing words to crack passwords. Moreover, this tool also uses a brute-force attack to try multiple passwords in seconds. Furthermore, this tool also gathers decoding information from the local hard drive. All this happens simultaneously to decode your password in an instant.

Cain & Abel For PC

Key Features Of Cain & Abel

Here are some of the key features of Cain & Abel.

  • Easily recover locally saved passwords.
  • Access passwords of locked files and profiles.
  • Network Monitoring options are available in the tool.
  • Use Network Monitoring to protect your passwords which are being transmitted on local or public servers.
  • Use advanced services which include Route Table Utility, Base64, hash calculator, and others.
  • Other advanced services include RSA SecurID Token Calculator, Cisco Password Decoder, and many others.
  • Access advanced tools for password recovery.
  • Easily locate WiFi Password Information.
  • Easy to use interface for every type of user.

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