CCleaner is a free utility tool that you can use to free-up hard disk space, unnecessary data, and junk files. Using the CCleaner tool you can also optimize your system to run smoothly and flawlessly. This application will increase the performance of your PC or Laptop and you will feel a stable, smoother, and faster performance of your computer and laptop.



Using the latest version of this application you will be able to clean data of other applications and web browsers. This application can also detect internet trackers and you can easily delete trackers just by doing a simple scan. Moreover, you will receive instant updates, and with each update the performance of this application increases. This application will also remind you to update other applications if there is an official update released.


Features Of CCleaner App

Here are some of the features of this application

Speed Boost

This application scan every part of every file of all application that is available on your system. The scan takes very little time and scans at its full potential and removes all of the junk files, malware, trackers, and unnecessary apps from your PC. Removal of these files from a PC or Laptop increases the speed of your machine.

Optimization Tool

The Optimization Tool offered by this application is phenomenal. Once you run the Optimization Tool all of the running applications and software will consume less power and the apps are almost hibernated.



CCleaner can detect any kind of online tracker and removes it from your PC and laptop. So you can securely surf the internet without being tracked by third-party applications or online Ads.


There is an integrated uninstaller in this application that you can use to uninstall applications and delete all of the data that is left behind when you delete an application. You can also uninstall heavy and big applications that are hard to uninstall and usually needs an uninstaller application to remove it from the PC.

Customization Features

This application is offering some customization features for its users.

LightWeight App

CCleaner is a lightweight application, this means that the size of this application is very small. The total size of this application is 28 MB. Due to its small size, this application consumes less space on your device memory.

CCleaner For Windows

Pro Version

There is a pro version of this application that you can get to enhance the security of your PC and get some cool and amazing features of this application. Here is a list of pro features that you will get when you purchase the Pro version of this application.

  1. PC Health Check.
  2. Protected Browser History.
  3. Remove trackers.
  4. Instant updates.
  5. Priority customer support.

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