CleanMyMac allows you to clean all of the junk files from your Mac running on Mac OS X. With only two steps you can easily clean your Mac OS X device. Using this application you can delete system junk files, delete all unwanted applications. Moreover, Using this application you can delete all malware and viruses.

This application is officially Notarized by Apple. Using the CleanMyMac application you can tune your Mac device for maximum output. For a slow Mac device, use this application immediately, you will notice a difference and increase in performance.





Using the CleanMyMac application you will be able to detect all invisible cache files. Once you have scanned your Mac device then you will be able to remove all of the junk and cache files from your Mac device. The removal process only takes 2-5 minutes depending on the detected cache file quantity.

You can also delete huge old files that were taking space in your Mac device. For example, like old movies that you don’t watch anymore or any software file that you haven’t installed or used for a long time.



This application offers many maintenance tools that you can use to maintain your Mac device. Whenever you run a scan you can also run a Maintenance script to make all of the applications more responsive when used.

Full-scale macOS optimization

Find and disable applications that consume your Mac device memory resources. You can switch off background plugins and fix small errors. Consider yourself as an Apple Genius.


Virus Removal

This application provides a real-time shield against trojans, data miners, and recent browser hijackers. This application is officially the best virus removal tool for your Mac OS X device.

This application also offers online protection so no advertiser or hacker can follow your online footprint. You can also remove all of the cookies saved on your Mac OS X device.


There are many more amazing and cool features of this application that you can use. To learn more about those features and functions please download CleanMyMac for Mac OS X devices.

How To Install CleanMyMac For Mac OS X

Follow the method given to install this application on your Mac OS X device.


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