Get ClipGrab For PC, which is a lightweight tool for downloading videos from the internet. This tool also features a built-in converter tool for converting video and audio files from one form to another format. Download videos from any major video hosting website.



Moreover, this tool is extremely powerful and can easily download unlimited videos from the internet without lagging. So, if you download a lot of videos then you don’t have to worry. ClipGrab For Windows has got you covered. This tool also features one of the best applications for managing and creating local libraries for online videos.

How To Use ClipGrab 

First, download and install ClipGrab For PC using the download link provided above. The link provided above is the office software of ClipGrab. After you have completed the installation of ClipGrab, follow the method explained below to use ClipGrab on the Windows platform.

ClipGrab For PC

Download Videos using ClipGrab

To download video on the local storage of your Windows PC, you have to paste the URL of the video page on the ClipGrab application. Moreover, this tool can also monitor the clipboard of your Windows device. As soon as you copy a link from any major video hosting website.

A small pop-up of the ClipGrab tool will appear on your Windows device screen. Using this pop-up you can instantly download videos. Moreover, when the tool recognizes any URL from the clipboard. The tool will also show some additional customization options. Some of these options are listed below.

  • The format in which you want to download the video. Here are some of the available formats.
    • 3GP, MP4, M4A, and others.
  • Select the video resolution of the downloading video
    • 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p.
    • Video resolution may vary depending on the video.

ClipGrab For PC


ClipGrab is one of the best downloading tools on the internet. However, there are some drawbacks to this tool.

  1. There is no browser integration.
  2. The user has to manually start up the application every time he or she wants to download anything.

Features Of ClipGrab For PC

ClipGrab is a feature-rich tool. There are many amazing features of this tool. Some of those features are explained below.

Video Downloader

Download any video from the internet using the ClipGrab tool. The user just has to visit the website and copy the URL of the video to download it using this tool. Download videos much faster than ever, this tool is 2 times faster than the average video downloading application.

ClipGrab For PC

ID3 artist tags

This tool also has the power to add ID3 artist tags to the video. Moreover, your can also create audio files from videos with all the metadata.

Audio Download

Sometimes audio files are not available on the video hosting websites. So users don’t get the audio download option. However, ClipGrab offers a built-in tool that can convert video files to audio files with metadata in them. Here are some of the available audio formats.

  • OGG, MP3, and original audio format.

ClipGrab For PC


The interface offered by ClipGrab For PC is clean and very easy to use. All the features and functions are available on the home screen. Use the options Search, Download, Settings, and About to access all features of this application. Moreover, while you are downloading you can view the download progress and the download speed.

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