CrystalDiskMark For PC is a simple disk benchmark software. With the help of this application, you can quickly check the presentation of the hard drive on your Windows PC or desktop. Moreover, this software also allows the user to measure casual read and write speed.

The home screen and the presentation of this application are decent and all of the vital information is displayed perfectly on the home screen of the application. Moreover, the performance of the CrystalDiskMark software is on the mark and all of the readings are considered to be accurate.



Features Of CrystalDiskMark For PC

Measure Sequential

CrystalDiskMark is a tool that is used for measuring the sequential and random performance of your device. This is a benchmark software that can measure the sequence of reading, writing, and mix.

Measure Mode

This application is offering three amazing measuring modes. Using these modes you can measure the sequential and performance of your device in different processing stages. Here are the modes and their functions.

  • Peak Mode: Take the benchmark of your device in the highest performing state.
  • Real World: This mode allows the user to check the benchmark in a real-world performing state. (recommended)
  • Demo: Perform a demo run before you perform the real benchmark test.

CrystalDiskMark For PC


CrystalDiskMark application supports many languages. However, English is the default language of this application. While you are installing this application, then you will get the option of selecting the language. However, on the main screen of this application, you will also find the language selection option.


The standard edition of the CrystalDiskMark For PC only contains 2 different types of themes. You can also download the Shizuku Edition to get access to more than 20 themes and other amazing features.

System Requirments

This application is fully compatible with the following version of Windows. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. Moreover, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012/2016/2019 is also supported. This application is available for 32-bit, 64-bit, and ARM-64.

CrystalDiskMark For PC software can not run on Windows XP/2003 (NT5.x). Moreover, Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000 is also not supported.

CrystalDiskMark For PC

Important Notice

  • Excessive usage of this application may shorten the life of the SSD and USB.
  • The benchmark results do not vary among different major versions of this application.
  • The test result depends on many possibilities.
  • A part of your SSD depends on test data.

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