Download Cydia Impactor for PC to enjoy installing apps on your smartphones with ease. This freeware is designed for users who wish to install third-party apps on their Android & iOS devices using a computer. Because it can be used to install custom ROMs on Android devices that are rooted. So it would be best to install Cydia Impactor for Windows 10/8/7 OS.

Cydia Impactor


Unlocking a smartphone can be pretty difficult. Especially, when you don’t have the right tools, it becomes nearly impossible to use a jailbroken or rooted Android device. Everyone likes to play by the laws, but only if they are satisfied with the services. Likewise, the App developers can only work properly if they have full access to the device’s OS.

Cydia Impactor for PC is developed to benefit people who wish to try multiple apps on their handheld devices. It can be used for installing application files from a computer on an iPhone or Android device. To benefit from this application, it’s not nesscary that you jailbreak iPhone through Windows PC.

FAQs About Cydia Impactor for PC

Cydia Impactor for PC

Is Cydia Impactor Free?

Gladly, you can use Cydia Impactor without having to pay a single dollar. Because the application is developed for students and developers who can’t afford to buy expensive developers programs. So they can keep developing new applications and try things to gain a brighter future.

Is Cydia Impactor Safe?

Some users get confused with using Cydia Impactor for PC when it asks them to identify through an Apple ID. So let me clear the confusion, this application doesn’t save your data. It only identifies your account, so no hacker or third-party user can use your device without your knowledge.

Can Cydia Impactor Install Apps Without Jailbreak?

If I’m bieng honest, you are not required to jailbreak an iPhone using Cydia Impactor to install new apps. Users have the option of adding new applications to their smartphones without having to take jailbreaking risks. That’s the main benefit of using this free application because it lets you install applications from a source of your choice.

Try installing apps from trusted sources. Because they may contain viruses.

Is Jailbreaking or Rooting Worth It?

In case you are a developer or a programmer, you can use jailbreak or rooted device to your benefit. But if you are unfamiliar with such a process and the risks with it, try not to perform any of them. Because they may harm your device badly that it becomes impossible to recover it. Hence, when you have apps like Cydia Impactor for Windows, why bother taking risks.

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