Download DirectX 12 for PC to maximize gaming performance. It helps boost gaming performance on a computer as well as on Xbox. And because it is developed by Microsoft Inc. users get to fully benefit from it without paying any real money. But if your system is missing that updated version of DirectX, you should get DirectX 12 for Windows 10/8/7 OS.

DirectX 12


For better gaming performance, users are required to use the latest hardware equipment. What they also need are the utilities that help bypass compatibility-related issues. So rather than using any third-party programs, why not use a product that’s officially developed by the owners of your operating system.

DirectX 12 for PC is developed to help Windows OS users make the most out of their device. Because it helps them use updated video editing facilities, watch 3D animations, and 4k/8k multimedia. It serves the best interest of users who don’t want their computer to lag while running high-resolution graphics.

DirectX 12 for PC

FAQs About DirectX 12 for PC

Does My PC Have DirectX 12?

If you using a Windows PC, it has a built-in DirectX installed in it. All you have to do is check what version of DirectX is installed by default. For that, press Windows + R keys to launch the Run box. Thereafter, execute the dxdiag command. Now view which version of this utility is installed on your computer.

Is DirectX 11 or DirectX 12 Better?

DirectX 12 for PC is the latest version of DirectX 11. It helps users develop their games with modern API, so they can interact with their next-gen games and programs without having to face any lags. And because it supports mostly all of the graphic cards, it is now preferred by every gamer and professional editor.

DirectX 12 for Windows

What Does DirectX 12 Means for Gaming?

This software help gamers enjoy their favorite games on Windows PC. Because without it, their computer will not support the next-gen games and start to lag every time they try to play them. Also, with this new development, DirectX 12 uses 33 fps which is quite impressive for developers and gamers.

Will There Be A DirectX 13?

For now, no news regarding DirectX 13 is introduced in the market. That’s why we at SoftOmni recommend you download DirectX 12 for Windows from a trusted source. And for your best interest, you can also download this program from the developer’s website i.e; Microsoft Store.