Download Dual Space APK to clone apps on Android. This smartphone utility is developed for the sake of users who want to use more than one social media accounts on a singular device. And it’s a perfect Parallel Space alternative. Though, it always serves in the best interest of users to get Dual Space for Android Latest Version.

Dual Space APK


Nowadays, almost every smartphone user owns several social media accounts. But to avoid spam logins, most of the social media apps have blocked the usage of several accounts on one device. So to use multiple accounts, users are required to get assistance from cloner apps that doesn’t get their accounts blocked.

Dual Space APK is one of the simplest app cloners. Users can use this application to manage all of their social media accounts under one roof. And the good part is that the app doesn’t require any registration and you can benefit from it without paying any real money. Furthermore, it’s open-source, so there’s nothing wrong with using it.

Dual Space APK

Features of Dual Space APK

Stay Login 24/7

The app doesn’t ask you to sign-out from an account to be able to login to another one. So you can just stay logged in to the same platforms, but with different accounts. Likewise, it’s very simple to switch to the other account, you just have to select it from the app’s main interface.

Always Secure

Dual Space APK also allows you to create a secure environment to manage your private accounts. It lets you add a secure passcode to your account, so no third-party can access it. Users are provided with the option to either add a strong passcode or a pattern lock. It is always beneficial for users who let others use their Android devices.

Dual Space for Android

Low Power Consumption

You can say this app is lightweight because it doesn’t consume lots of your device’s battery. And it’s a fact that it doesn’t affect your device’s CPU performance in a bad way. Even you’ll never know the difference while the app’s processing in the background. Moreover, it doesn’t consume lots of your device’s disk storage.

Supported Platforms

You’ll be glad to acknowledge that Dual Space APK supports all the famous social platforms. If by any chance, you are unable to locate the desired platform, then you can request its addition by contacting customer support. The developers are really keen on helping their consumers in any way they can.

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