Download EagleGet For PC and manage all of your downloads and organize them in a good manner. With this tool, you will be able to download any type of files like text documents, audio, video files, and more. If you have a bad internet connection then you don’t even have to worry this tool will easily download anything for you.



Moreover, this app is fully integrated with all of the famous web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and many more. You can easily use this tool with any of the web browsers that you use on your Windows system. This helps in increasing the download speed of the file and makes it more stable.

The EagleGet For PC tool also cared about the security of the user. That is why this tool has a built-in malware cheeker and runs anti-virus scans to all of the files that you are downloading with the help of the EagleGet tool. Moreover, The MD5/SHA1 checksum also verifies if the downloading file is genuine from its origin.

Features Of EagleGet For PC

EagleGet For PC

Customizable Interface

This tool provides its user with the full potential of customizability. Change the looks and the feel of the interface according to your likings. You can also change the background color or add a background image. Moreover, with the help of all of the customization tools, you can make this download manage more eye appealing.

EagleGet For PC

Notifications And Silent Mode

There are many ways in which this app notifies you when the downloading process is completed. You will receive sound notifications, pop-ups, and more notifications. Moreover, if you don’t want to receive notifications then you can use the silent mode to temporarily mute all of the notifications. However, this silent mode can also be used to mute notifications when you are playing games in full-screen mode.

Web Browser Support

This tool can support all of the worlds most popular web browser to increase the download speed and download stability even if don’t have a stable internet connection. Some most popular web browsers are Google Chrome browser, opera browser, and many more are being added in every update.

EagleGet For PC

Manage Downloads

EagleGet For PC gives you full control over the downloads. You can also schedule multiple downloads and sort them in a good manner. Moreover, you can also implement speed limits on the downloads to increase the download speed of any other file. You can also remove all unnecessary downloads from the list.

Download Speed

This tool is using the world’s most advanced multi-threaded technology to greatly increase download speeds. The user has the power to accelerate download speeds by splitting the downloading file into several parts and transferring them simultaneously. This is how you can improve the download speed by almost six times.

EagleGet For PC

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