Download EasyShare APK to transfer files with ease. Because this file-sharing app lets you transfer files from one device to another with a fast lightning speed. You don’t need the help of any network, just do ensure that both devices are using this app. So it would be best for you to get EasyShare for Android Latest Version.

EasyShare APK


Lots of file-sharing apps are available in the market. But users wish to put their trust in such apps that are not pricey and complicated at all. Even some applications provide free services without any catch. Users are not even required to bear the online advertisements while benefiting from their desired services.

EasyShare APK is the renowned product of Vivo Communication Technology Co. Ltd. It serves the best interest of individuals who like to share files from one device to another without the help of an internet connection. Because it uses special file transferring protocols that work only on selected devices.

EasyShare APK

EasyShare APK Features

Share Apps

With this application, users are allowed to share their apps with other devices. They can either share the files of installed applications or just send the APK files of them. The recipient is suggested to accept the requests of trusted participants. So no malware or virus could be transferred into their devices.

Supported File Formats

Everything’s transferable through EasyShare APK. Individuals are allowed to share documents, videos, & photos with other devices. They can browse their device’s storage directly from the app’s interface. And they also need to grant required privileges, so the app can access the saved files.

EasyShare for Android

Easy Migration

No users can avoid the complicated situation every time they have bought a new smartphone. Because this application lets users transfer all their personal data from an old phone to a new phone. And yes, after performing the migration task, you’ll not be required to restore files or install the same apps.

Transfer Files to PC

EasyShare Web version is also available. But to use the web version, users have to scan the code through EasyShare APK. After the QR-code has been scanned, users are allowed to start the file sharing process. The files transferred to your computer are saved inside the downloads folder.

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