Download Es File Explorer APK to secure your saved files via cloud storage. This Android utility is specifically designed for users who want to optimize their device’s storage as well as take precautions to save it from harm’s way. It contains a user-friendly interface, so it is not difficult to work with it. However, it’s always beneficial to get Es File Explorer for Android Latest Version.

Es File Explorer APK


The default file managers are not good enough for users who want to make the most out of their smartphones. Because they only allow you to navigate into a limited number of folders. For instance, you are not allowed to get details about your Android version and view the system files/folders.

Es File Explorer APK is one of the top-notch file managers for Android OS. It is developed to help users manage all the files and folders saved on local memory or cloud storage. Yes, now it is possible for users to manage all their cloud storage and import/export files whenever they want to.

Es File Explorer APK

Features of Es File Explorer APK

Compression & Extraction

Users also prefer this app because it allows them to compress and extract all kinds of files/folders. To complete the task, they are only required to select a file/folder and make the appropriate selection of compression or extraction. The app works efficiently on perspective operations.

Remote Access

One unique facility of Es File Explorer APK is that it lets you manage the app’s activities from a different device. For instance, you can install its client on your computer to handle the activities from a different operating system. And you don’t have to pay any extra charges to claim such a reward.

Es File Explorer for Android

Junk Cleaner

It’s always better to clean the junk files to improve the processing speed of your device. Now a facility is added inside this file manager to allow users to manage all the background app processing. So they can easily stop malicious apps from consuming lots of mobile data and CPU usage.

Files Encryption

In case you want to take precautions to secure your private files, you can use Es File Explorer APK to complete the task. The app lets you create a .zip folder in which you are able to add as many files as you want to. This feature is beneficial for users who like to share and access their files via cloud storage.

Es File Explorer App Download

Root Manager

From the PC client, users can manage a rooted device. Because a rooted device is the one that needs to be secured all the time. So now users are provided with the option to install or uninstall apps remotely. Even they can lock and unlock the saved files through the built-in root manager.

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