Download FaceApp APK to create & edit selfies. Because this photo editor allows you to complete the photo editing tasks with ease. It contains a variety of filters to help you appear in your selfies in a way of your choice. One of the famous available effects is the aging effect. So it would be best to get FaceApp for Android Latest Version.

FaceApp APK


Everyone likes to look attractive in selfies and photos. Especially the ones who share their photos on social media, never want to look miserable. But the problem is that not every knows the details about editing a photo to make it look good. So finally, now some app developers have decided to deliver photo editor apps that are easy-to-use.

FaceApp APK is a photo editing facility that’s available for the convenience of social media influencers. Because it contains filters that can be shown to prove a point. For instance, if you want to be funny, use the aging or beard filter. Else, increase the beauty-level in your selfies so everyone could be fascinated by the stuff you share.

FaceApp APK

FaceApp APK Features

Fun Filters

You’ll be amazed to acknowledge that this application contains lots of fun filters. You can use the morph filter to compare your face structure with the celebrities of your choice. A library of celebrities is available for you from which you are allowed to select one personality.

Face Filters

If you talk about the face filters, you have a lot of options. For example, FaceApp APK lets you add a beard & hair. But if you are looking to make further customizations, you can select your age appearance as well. And people who are interested in more fun can decide to change their gender in photos.

FaceApp for Android

Customize Backgrounds

Apart from photo filters, lots of things are available to make your photos more presentable. And customization of backgrounds is one of them. Users can select a background to set in their photos. And for selecting a background, they have lots of options to choose from. The app’s library is full of astonishing backgrounds.

Edit Videos

FaceApp APK isn’t a fully-featured video editor. But you can use it to imply some filters on your videos. It’s up to you either to create a video through the app’s camera facility or upload the media file from your device’s storage. Moreover, you should know that some of the filters are only available inside the premium version.

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