Download Freegate for PC to enjoy full access to the internet. Because this freeware gives you access to internet tunneling, allowing you to visit a website of your choice. It specializes in connecting your local IP with a proxy, so your connection becomes private and unapproachable by hackers. So it would be best to get Freegate for Windows 10/8/7 OS.



You may not be aware of the fact that the internet isn’t safe anymore. Because once you connect your device with a local network, you become a point of attention for lots of third-party users. So rather than compromising your online privacy, why not use a free utility that protects you from different kinds of online vulnerabilities.

Freegate for PC lets you browse the internet safely. No matter if your device is connected to a vulnerable network, you’ll always be allowed to stay safe while visiting various websites. It is easy to configure the software, because of its user-friendly UI. You can enable or disable the proxy connection toggle at any time of your choice.

Freegate for PC

FAQs About Freegate for PC

Q) Is Freegate Safe?

A) Yes, you can use Freegate PC to browse the internet safely and securely. Because this program uses special proxy tunneling protocols to help you stay private online. It never lets any third-party users monitor your online activities, so your connection always stays protected from hackers and cybercriminal activities.

Q) Is There A Freegate for Android?

A) Unfortunately, Freegate for Windows is officially available in the market. So smartphone users need to assist themselves with other free VPN applications to protect their online privacy. Because the purpose of every VPN app is to help individuals stay private and bypass online restrictions.

Q) Does Freegate Allow Proxy Server Customization?

A) Every user is allowed to customize the proxy server on Freegate. Even upload the server’s URL of his choice. Though, before uploading a proxy server’s URL, do ensure that this particular server is online. Else, your online security will be compromised and you’ll be the only one to blame.

Q) What Modes Are Available in Freegate?

A) By default, two modes are available in Freegate for PC. One is the proxy mode that’s preferred by many internet users. Because it allows proxy customization and helps you visit websites with their original interface. The second is the Classic mode that helps you visit your desired websites through Dynaweb’s homepage in which some website’s interface is changed.

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