Google Chrome is a cross-platform web browser which is developed by Google. Everyone needs a web browser to access the internet, but it does not have to be Chrome. However, Google Chrome has gained its popularity since it was launched in 2008 only for the Windows platform but gradually this web browser was ported to macOS, iOS, Linux, and Android.

Google Chrome


Due to the amazing features and functions of this application Chrome browser is considered to be the best internet browser. This browser offers a simple interface that is very easy to understand. You can easily use chrome extensions, add ons, and plugins to enhance the web browsing experience. You can also add a maximum of 10 websites shortcuts on the home screen of the browser.

Google Chrome

Features Of Google Chrome


Themes: There are a lot of themes offered by this application. You can change the appearance of the application by changing the theme. If pre-installed themes are not Goodenough then you can download more themes form the thems store or chrome store.

Dark Mode: There is no official dark mode offered by this application, However, you can use a dark theme or black then to create somewhat effects of the real Dark mode.

Extensions: You can also add Amazing chrome extensions to help you while you are browsing. There are mere then  One Hundred And Eighty-Eight Thousands of chrome extensions currently available. Whenever you install a Chrome Extension it will appear next to the web page address bar.

Google Chrome


Google Chrome offers real-time phishing protection. Moreover, you can also enable Safe Browsing and Do Not Track modes for extra security. You can also disable or enable Encrypt data sync to your google account. This browser is also using advanced security features like site isolation and sandboxing. The security features and protocols are updating continuously to provide you with the latest security features and protocols.

Malware Protection: Google Chrome for Mac is using an advanced AI that allows you to get rid of the malware. This web browser will warn you whenever you visit any malicious website or try to download any malware software.

Some Disadvantages

This application consumes more cup power and High Memory. This browser will always prompt to set it as the default be browser. Moreover, there are some privacy concerns with Google Tracking.

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