Download Google Docs APK to manage all your doc files under a single roof. This productivity app is designed specifically for users who wish to create and edit a document whenever they want to. And they don’t have to perform any complicated registration, because the app’s totally free to use. So it’s better to get Google Docs for Android Latest Version.

Google Docs APK


Google Inc. has come forward to help us increase productivity. They have introduced apps and utilities to let us complete our daily jobs with ease. For instance, the whole Android OS is developed for the sake of smartphone users who like to socialize and work at the same time while performing daily tasks.

Google Docs APK is developed for users who want to manage all of their documents privately and securely. Every user’s documents and files are encrypted to be protected from online bullies/hackers. So a user can fully trust this platform to create confidential document files for his convenience.

Google Docs APK

Features of Google Docs APK

Free Cloud Support

Users of this app can easily save a huge amount of documents. Because they are provided with the option to safe the files directly to cloud storage. And if they decide to use Google Drive, then they also get a free storage of 15 GB. Likewise, if they want an increament in the cloud drive, they can buy the perspective premium package.

Online Sharing

One of the best features of Google Docs APK is the online sharing and editing service. Such a service allow multiple users to work on a singular document at the same time. And they don’t need the same account to edit or create a file, because more than one account holders are allowed to work on a file.

Google Docs for Android

Offline Editing

If you are using this application to share file on cloud storage, then you don’t worry even when your device is not connected with the internet. Because the app stores the work progress in its cache, resulting in, your work is uploaded on the cloud storage whenever you go online.

Easy Exploring

It’s very simple to find a file using this platform. Because it contains an exploring facility that allow users to search for files with ease. All a user has to do is navigate to the search bar that’s available at the top of the app’s interface. Furthermore, a good thing is that the app’s interface and the online interface are kept the same.

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