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Google Play Store APK


Google Play Store is a platform that needs no introduction. Because it is the product of a tech giant with whom no one likes to mess around with. That’s the main reason why it contains the most number of apps that are secure to download. All of the apps available on this platform are secure as well as open-source.

You can’t get enough of this app’s store. It contains a huge variety of apps that are developed specifically for the benefit of Android OS users. Nearly three million apps & games are available on it. I don’t think any other platform can handle the burden of delivering such a huge number of programs.

Google Play Store APK Features

Google Play Store APK

Now that the Chromebooks are getting famous in the market, people have started to feel compelled to the Android OS. This way they could easily sync their one device with another. Also, when you are using a similar interface on two different devices, you can get the most out of it easily.

The point made here is that Google Play Store APK provides you a chance to enter a market where you can get an app of your choice. But it’s not like its services are only limited to providing safe files to install apps & games. But there are lots of things to talk about this utility, the most famous & handy ones are drafted below:

If you are running an old Android version, then you should download an old Google Play Store version.

Offered App Genre

Lots of apps & games are available that belong to a different category. But the good thing is that Google Play Store delivers you the results according to your location & intrust. For example, if you’ve recently installed a photo editor on Android, then the store specifically recommends you to try new photo or video editors.

Foremost, you can never get lost while searching for apps. Because by any chance if you are unable to find your desired app, you can use the search bar to find it. Just enter a similar query in the search bar and see the magic of search algorithms. You are provided with the appropriate search results in a matter of seconds.

Parental Controls

If you are a parent or guardian and you permit toddlers to use your smartphone, then here’s what you can do. You can enable Parental Controls in Google Play Store. This will help you set a password on your account and it’s up to you that either you allow the young ones to install further apps or not.

Even if you are allowing them to use the Play Store, then they’ll only get access to apps that are meant for kids their age. And now that Youtube kids is introduced in the market, they’ll only be able to use it to watch cartoons or videos that are appropriate for them. Yes, no TikTok or any elderly social platforms will be available for them.

Google Play Transactions

Yes, Google Play Store APK is free to download. But not all of the apps available on that app store are free. There are different sorts of apps & games that contain in-app purchases. So to get such an app’s premium services, you are required to pay some amount of real money. And you can do that job through Google Play Transactions. Just select the payment method and you are good to go.

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