Download GoToMeeting for PC to start a conference call with ease. This software gives you a chance to communicate like professionals through video chats. You can let everyone in your team join your room to do tasks conveniently. There’s no need of performing any additional steps to start or join a room. So it would be best to install GoToMeeting for Windows 10/8/7.


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Live video chatting only works well if you are willing to socialize with others. But when you want something to chat with colleagues or employees, you would want something trustworthy. Similarly, the free conference calling apps are no longer secure, so it’s better to get software that’s secure enough to protect your online privacy.

GoToMeeting for PC provides premium conference call services. It delivers secure chat rooms for people who are interested in doing professional without being interrupted by intruders. There’s no chance of privacy leakage because the program always encrypts your online activities.

FAQs About GoToMeeting For PC

GoToMeeting For PC

Q) How Much Does GoToMeeting Cost Per Month?

A) They bill you annually, but you can calculate what the plan costs you a month. Three plans are available, the starter plan costs $109 and the pro plan costs $159 a year. Though, if you are willing to benefit from all the program’s services as well as make a room for 200 users, you need to get a plus plan by paying $314 yearly.

Q) Is GoToMeeting Video Or Just Audio?

A) Users can benefit from GoToMeeting for PC to make live video and audio chats. But if you want to just make audio calls, it would be better to benefit from the commuter mode. Because such a facility allows you to take advantage of the utility by saving lots of network bandwidth.

Q) Which Is Better Zoom or GoToMeeting?

A) In comparison, both Zoom and GoToMeeting work perfectly for users who wish to benefit from video conferences. But if you compare the differences between the features of these applications, Zoom wins the trophy. Because it contains a bunch of extra services that are not available in most of the video conferencing apps.

Q) Can I Start GoToMeeting From My Phone?

A) Yes, users are allowed to start a video conference using GoToMeeting for Android. And that’s why there’s an alternative method to download GoToMeeting for Windows by using an Android emulator. Else, smartphone owners are also given the option of using some of the services for free.

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