Download Grammarly for PC to remove spelling mistakes from your documents. It’s compatible with most document processors like Microsoft Office. Users can benefit from this desktop application while creating lengthy document files. So it would be best to install Grammarly for Windows 10/8/7 OS.



While creating a presentation or an assignment, you would always want to stay focused on completing the documents. Not everyone likes to focus on spelling mistakes while creating a CS or Mathematical assignment. However, if there’s a spelling mistake, the recipients never get impressed by the received document.

Grammarly for PC is a spelling checker developed by the tech giant. Yes, Google ensures that its customers are always satisfied with their services. So they always keep in contact with their customers by asking them what can be done to improve the product. That’s why most smartphone and PC users prefer to use Google products.

FAQs About Grammarly for PC

Grammarly for PC

How Much Is Grammarly?

Grammarly is available for free because it is one of the main tools that’s used in creating documents on computers. But it’s also available for professionals who are willing to create high-profile resumes. The pricing of this application starts at $11.66 per month (annually). Users are allowed to select a plan or change it at any instance.

Does Grammarly Steal Your Data?

It’s not even a question, but only confusion. So to clear your mind, no Grammarly doesn’t steal your data while checking it for errors. It only receives information required to correct a document from grammar or spelling-related errors. And you can use it without having any insecure thoughts.

Can Grammarly Make Mistakes?

Yes, Grammarly for PC is developed by humans and we are all programmed to make mistakes. But if you are facing any troubles with this application, you can contact customer support. And because you are sending an error message to Google, you’ll receive a solution as soon as possible.

What Is A good Grammarly Score?

The basic purpose of using Grammarly for Windows is to help readers. So the content providers can write documents that are easy to understand and read. That’s why the scale is set to 60 or more. If your document is less than this score, it means that it’s not friendly, and neither it is straightforward.