Download Hamachi for PC to secure your network from online insecurities. You can use this free VPN facility to secure all your computers connected with a LAN. There’s no need of configuring your network because this program detects their addresses and allows you to connect with them remotely. So it would be best to install Hamachi for Windows 10/8/7 OS.



To make your network secure from the hunter’s eye, you have to go through a bunch of complicated configuration processes. Not everyone knows the process of securing his network, that’s why network security programs are available in the market. And there’s no harm in using software that’s free to use.

Hamachi for PC allows you to connect your various devices with a similar network. Afterward, it secures your network from all sorts of vulnerabilities, allowing you to perform your private activities safely and securely. You don’t have to be an expert to take full advantage of this utility, because it’s easy to use, thanks to its user-friendly UI.

FAQs About Hamachi For PC

Hamachi For PC

Q) Is Hamachi Safe?

A) Hamachi doesn’t contain a virus, nor it harms your computer at all. It only gives you access to devices that are connected to the same network. Every user can view the devices that are connected with a hotspot, so there’s less chance of getting hacked by third-party users or hackers.

Q) How Can Hamachi Be Dangerous?

A) Using Hamachi for PC has its perks. So before connecting to a network with VPN enabled, always check whether if it’s from somebody you know. And if you are connecting to a public network, try enabling the SSL encryption first. So other users can’t see your IP address and you get to avoid any dangerous acts associated with the connected network.

Q) How Much Does Hamachi Cost?

A) The price of Hamachi depends upon your needs. If you are using the software for free, you are allowed to create a group of six computers. But if you wish to extend the number of persons in the group, you can buy the standard ($49/year) or premium ($199/year) plan. The standard plan allows you to create a group of more than 31 users. Likewise, premium services help you make a group of more than 255 users.

Q) What Can Be Dones Using Hamachi?

A) Hamachi for Windows can be helpful in various cases. It can help you create or join a secure server remotely. Many people who play online games like Minecraft prefer to use it. Also, it is beneficial for professionals who wish to control their computers at home remotely.

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