Download Hotspot Shield APK to protect your online identity. This virtual private network lets you become anonymous over the internet. So you can perform confidential activities online without getting tracked by hackers. Users can secure their network simply by tapping once on the connect button. However, it is advised for you to get Hotspot Shield for Android Latest Version.

Hotspot Shield APK


People are now aware of the threats while surfing the internet. It’s because now there’s a huge list of the victims of cybercriminal activities. So no one likes to browse the internet under the weather. But not everyone knows customizing proxies or IP address to become anonymous, and that’s why people prefer to use a VPN.

Hotspot Shield APK is one of the top-ranked virtual private networks. Users can benefit from this app in several ways while browsing the internet. And if you don’t want to empty your pockets, then you can set sail with the basic services. Because this VPN never forces you to buy the premium services.

Hotspot Shield APK

Features of Hotspot Shield APK

Easy Connect

There’s no need to face any difficulty while benefiting from this app. Even when you are trying to connect for the first time, you are allowed to secure your connection with a single tap. Because a user is never asked to subscribe or register. He’s allowed to start his connection without entering any personal information.

Bypass Firewalls

For users who are interested in visiting blocked websites, they can benefit from Hotspot Shield APK. Because once you are connected with a foreign IP address, you are allowed to browse the internet without any network restrictions. That’s why a VPN is mostly preferred by users who want to visit social media platforms.

Hotspot Shield for Android

Always Private

This VPN promises a no-log policy for both free & premium users. It means that not even the developers can collect your data over the internet. You always stay anonymous and no one’s allowed to take a peek into your private online activities. Because your each-n-every step is encrypted.

Virus Protection

Apps like Hotspot Shield APK are rare. Because there’s no comparison to a VPN that also offers virus & junk files protection. So that users can stay safe as well as they never have to suffer the slow performance. It’s basically because this app contains a built-in junk cleaner and Anti-virus. So a user doesn’t have to worry about anything at all.

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