iVideon for PC is developed for monitoring of security camera surveillance. Security Cameras are the need of time either for security purpose or keeping the eye on house or office staff. Now the trend is so common. Well, all camera buyers purchase the complete setup that includes LEDs, Cameras, DVRs and cables. But monitoring is not on the go. We need a source that can let us monitor the live coverages everywhere and no other source can be better than the Windows tool iVideon.



It is fast, Stable and uninterruptible. We will later discuss the features of app further. First, users need to download iVideon from the download button mentioned in the pricing table. If you are a security cameras users than this app is perfect for you.

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iVideon for PC features:

PTZ control:

PTZ means Pan Tilt and zoom, which are the basic features of all advanced generation security cams. iVideon is compatible with all basic and additional features. It let you pause resume, Pan, Tilt and Zoom just form the iVideon for Windows.


If you want to playback the videos than iVideon automatically saved the recorded videos of assigned time period on your Laptop. You can playback the videos through any supporting video players. Also, it can keep recording videos in the background, if you have some other work to do on laptop.

Cloud Storage:

iVideon for PC is already a cloud based surveillance based, so obviously you will get a cloud storage in it. Maybe you have to purchased the cloud storage because cloud storage is too expensive for the manufacturers, maintenance cost a lot.

Monitor anywhere:

The biggest benefit of cloud based surveillance is that you can monitor anywhere in the world. Just need a internet connection for connecting device with DVRs, link will be given to you by the company.

iVideon for PC

If you see the default setup than it is obvious you can only monitor at home or office where the cam surveillance is setuped. That’s why Surveiallnce apps usage is so much high among camera users. The app can be operated on WiFi and also Mobile data through Hotspot sharing. Only aiuthrozied people can monitor surveillance, so the app is really secured.

Compatible with Windows OS

This tool is highly popular and recommended by many top technology blogs. You can download iVideon for PC, Windows, and macOS through this tutorial. iVideon for PC supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina. Also check, what are the key features of the iVideon and how it treats our system, read above.