Download JoyToKey For PC and use a game controller instead of a keyboard and mouse to play games. JoyToKey is a free keyboard emulator with a lot of features that games would love. This keyboard emulator can work with a huge variety of games that do not contain full gamepad support.



JoyToKey emulator can overtake the full functionality of the keyboard and the mouse. Users can easily use the joystick of the controller to move the player in the game and set all the buttons to perform multiple tasks. Moreover, users also have the option to set multiple keys shortcuts to perform other tasks.

Multiple games are supported by JoyToKey For PC keyboard emulator. Moreover, some of the popular web games are supported, offline games, and many other games. while using this keyboard emulator, the game will never notice the difference. However, your gaming performance can increase.

Note: Some big games like PUBG and COD have security protocols that do not allow the JoyToKey emulator to work.

Features Of JoyToKey For PC

JoyToKey For PC

Non-Game Apps

JoyToKey tool can work with applications and software. As this is a keyboard emulator users can perform multiple tasks other than gaming. Increase productivity and the efficiency of work if you get the hang of this amazing keyboard emulator.

This keyboard emulator can utilize shortcuts and specific key inputs to perform tasks. Use can set various shortcuts to open the most frequently used applications, software, and tools. Create a specific profile of your favorite or most used applications, and with just a single button press you can assignee them various tasks.

No Installation

No installation is required for the JoyToKey emulator to work on the Windows platform. This emulator falls under the license Shareware and is free to use. This emulator only requires a working gamepad and use can take advantage of this software at any time.

JoyToKey For PC

There is only one version of JoyToKey software which is portable. Users can easily save the file in the local storage of their Windows system. However, the user also can store this file on a portable storage device like USB Flash Drive.


This emulator program is fully secure and contains no malware, spyware, ransomware, or any other type of virus. Furthermore, all the files provided in the download button above are in the original condition.


The interface of JoyToKey software is very easy to use. The interface is divided into two panes. These panes contain all the data of the profile created for the gamepad. Users can easily select the commands for the individual buttons or use the Auto Settings Wiard to automatically set the command for each button of the controller.

JoyToKey For PC

Key Features Of JoyToKey

Here are some of the key features of JoyToKey For PC.

  • Create multiple profiles and use the software for gaming or performing tasks on PC.
  • Create up to 16 configurable profiles.
  • Launch programs or open URL with just a single press of a button.
  • Easily manage media controls.

Note: To run this keyboard emulator program on your Windows PC you need to install DirectX 7 or later.

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