Download Kodi APK to watch your desired media with astonishing facilities. Because this media player is developed for the benefit of users who want a fully-featured interface to live stream or watch their desired media. It contains services like no other media players, so you would want to get Kodi for Android Latest Version.

Kodi APK


The default media players are not good enough. Because most of them contain a simple interface that doesn’t indulge you to keep watching the desired media. That’s why now most users prefer to use a third-party media player, so they don’t have to worry about the limitations provided by their built-in apps.

Kodi APK is a third-party media player that’s developed to favor media lovers. Its interface is quite simple, but it does contain lots-n-lots of customizations that you’ll enjoy. One good thing about this application is that it never asks you to pay anything. And without performing any registering, you are allowed to benefit from it.

Kodi APK

Kodi APK Features

Kodi Add-Ons

One of the biggest benefits of using their media player is that it allows you to install add-ons. With such a facility, you can install extensions of different platforms that allow live streaming. So after you have installed an Add-on, you can access the data of that particular platform directly from the app’s interface.

Import Local Media

Users are allowed to use Kodi APK to watch media from their device’s storage. But for that, a user is required to grant access to his device’s media storage. Else, this application can’t import local media. Resulting-in, you’ll not be allowed to watch the media. So you should grant nesscary privileges to the app.

Kodi for Android

Live Stream Media

Several kinds of media can be live-streamed through this video player. Individuals can add the extensions of tv channels, movie platforms, news, sports, and weather. They can easily navigate to their desired media category from the left-side menu. And navigate to their category with a single tap.

Manage Favorites

People are allowed to add channels or any media to their favorites list. The favorites tab is also available inside the left-side menu. In that particular tab, users will be allowed to navigate to their desired media with ease. Furthermore, you are allowed to add media channels or platforms to your favorites list.

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