Krita For PC is free editing, painting, and designing tool. This application is offering a clean and flexible interface that always stays out of the user’s way. Users can also move and customize the dockers and the panels according to his or her usability and to increase the workflow time.



Once you have installed Krita For PC application then you can use it as your own/personal workspace. Create or remove your own shortcuts for the most used tools of this application. This feature will also increase the workflow and you can professionally work with this application without any hassle.

The layout of this application is extremely flexible and customizable. There are also more than 30 dockers for additional functionality. Users can also use the dark mode at night to protect his or her eyes. The dark mode is integrated into the application and works flawlessly.

Krita For PC

Features Of Krita For PC

Here are some of the amazing and cool editing features and tools of Krita For PC. Download this application from the download button shown above and install it to use and learn more about Krita App. Surely this app is one of the best tool for editing, painting, and designing for free.


There are more than 100 professionally made brushes that you can use for free. With this variety of brushes, you can create the perfect image, just the way you want it to be.

Brushes Stability

Using a mouse to draw, paint, and design images or sketches is not an ideal way. Users have to keep a steady hand to make a perfect image. However, you don’t have to worry about that because Krita For PC is offering three different levels of stability so you can draw smoothly and keep a stable hand while using the bush.

Vector and Text

There is a built-in vector and text tool that you can easily get access to. Using this tool you can create comic panels or select templates from the vector library. Add it to the canvas on which you are working on you can also use the bubble templates.

Krita For PC

Create your own shapes by changing the anchor points. You can also use the Text tools to add text to the images you are creating. Krita uses SVG to manage its vector format.

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