Download Lantern for PC to stay safe while visiting websites. You can now access services from a free VPN that works perfectly on both smartphones and computers. No user is required to pay attention to any proxy configuration process, so it’s very easy to use it. So it would be best to get Lantern for Windows 10/8/7 OS.



It’s not compulsory to be a networking professional to protect it from hackers. Because now there are utilities that allow you to stay safe while being connected to the internet. And they do a pretty well job by allowing you to hide your original IP address, so no hacker can locate your actual location.

Lantern for PC gives you the freedom of visiting websites. It allows you to visit websites of your choice without having to worry about any geographical restrictions. And while visiting blocked websites, users don’t need to worry about getting tracked by third-party users. Because their IP always stays hidden from everyone.

Lantern for PC

FAQs About Lantern for PC

Does Lantern Improve Your Internet Speed?

Rather than using a free VPN that defects your internet speed, you can use Lantern VPN. Because it improves your internet speed by implying special algorithms. So you don’t have to wait for a long time before launching an application or a webpage of your choice. Because this VPN doesn’t affect badly on your network.

Can Lantern Be Trusted?

Yes, you can trust Lantern for PC while performing confidential online activities. Because the software is designed to help individuals who never want to be discovered on the internet. People who like to stay anonymous protect themselves from hackers and other online bullies. This process is done with the help of a successful connection with a proxy server.

Is Lantern Good For Streamers?

Streamers can use Lantern PC to watch movies and videos of their choice. Because it improves your streaming speed and develops a safe environment for you to watch your desired content. And because it never leaks your IP, you can use it to watch videos from platforms that are blocked in your country.

What is Lantern Pro?

Lantern Pro gives the opportunity of getting unlimited bandwidth. It provides premium services, so you can use it to live stream media with a fast speed internet. And if you are willing to use it for free, you can invite a friend to join premium services. If your invitation gets accepted, you’ll get 3 months of free Lantern premium.

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