Download LG Bridge For PC and bring all of your LG devices together. Easily manage your device, Keep an eye on updates, and create a backup of your devices. All of this can happen under one roof of the LG Bridge tool. Moreover, this tool is specifically designed for LG devices which offer 4G services and later devices.

LG Bridge


LG Bridge For PC is a handy tool that can also be used for fixing any issue and error that occurs during software updates. Using the LG Desktop Client Software you can also transfer data and files wirelessly between your Windows PC and your Android or iOS smart device.

Moreover, this tool can easily detect any new version of Firmware. You can also use the same account to log into your PC Client and even the Mobile application. Download the required Firmware software without any hassle and with easy connectivity between your devices. Furthermore, you can connect your device Wirelessly and even with a USB cable.

Features Of LG Bridge For PC

LG Bridge For PC


The interface offered by this tool is very clean and easy to use. The background is white in color and the names of the main options are written in red color. This color scheme on the tool gives it a unique and elegant look. Moreover, this color scheme is also used in the LG logo. So, we know where the theme resemblance came from.

Moreover, the main screen of the software contains three major functions of this tool. Easily switch between these tabs to access the required feature. Other than that, from the right top corner of the screen, you can visit the settings option and if you are facing any issue with the app then you also access FAQ by clicking on the “Question Mark” option.

LG AirDrive

The main purpose of LG AirDrive is to wirelessly connect your Windows or Mac PC with your Android or iOS devices. This feature creates a strong connection between the connected devices. Due to this connection, we can easily transfer data, files or even move or copy files. You can also delete files from the other device while using LG Bridge PC Client.

LG Backup

From the name of this feature, you might have a 90% idea that this feature allows you to create a backup of your smart device. Well yes! you are thinking accurately. This tool allows you to backup your smart device, Home Screen, Device Settings, Contacts, Application, Messages, and more.

LG Bridge For PC

Software Update

Using this feature, you can use the LG Bridge For PC Client software for downloading the latest updates for your LG smartphone. Whenever your smartphone is connected the tool will ask if you want to update or not. This is how you can always keep up to date with your LG smartphone and LG Bridge PC Client.


This tool is available for every version of Windows including Windows 10 Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, and even Windows Vista. Moreover, you can also run this software on a 32-bit system and even on a 64-bit system.

Note: You may find a few different options and features and sometimes you may find that a feature is missing. This is not a bug or an issue. However, this is due to the connected device. With every LG smartphone, this application operated differently. If you use a modern LG phone then you will get all of the latest features and functions and Vise Versa.

LG Bridge For PC

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