Download the Maxthon For PC web browser for free and get access to a powerful search engine that is integrated with blockchain technology. Maxthon 6 aka MX6 provides technical support for blockchain apps which makes it easy for the users who like to Buy, Hold, and Use CryptoCurrency.



There is also a built-in blockchain identity manager known as VBox. This tool provides a more secure management and storage space for digital identities. Moreover, Maxthon 6 also features the NBdomain protocol. As compared to the traditional domain names the NBdomian Protocole is extremely secure and fast in processing.

With NBdomain protocol it is very easy to prove the ownership of the domain and also reduce the operating cost for companies and individuals. Moreover, NBdomain is a blockchain domain system and is maintained by BSV miners. So, there is no chance of tampering or any kind of malicious attack.

Features Of Maxthon For PC

Maxthon For PC

Powerful Engine

Maxthon browser is offering a powerful web surfing engine that can perform extremely fast and consumes very little memory. Moreover, this browser is fully compatible with chrome data. This means that you can easily transfer all of your data from the Google Chrome browser to the Maxthon browser.

Add-ones Support

Maxthon browser supports all add-ones available in the Chrome library. Moreover, there is also a massive store of extensions that you can apply on the Maxthon browser.


There are many rich themes available in this browser. You can change the theme according to your likings.

Cloud Services

With the Maxthon browser, you can easily transfer your data and the Maxthon browser app across any device. Just sync the data and you will be able to access it anywhere. Moreover, cloud services are extremely reliable and secure.

Maxthon For PC

Blockchain Apps

If you are using the Maxthon 6 browser then you are capable of using any blockchain application directly from the browser.


Maxthon For PC browser is fully compatible with any version of Windows. It can also run on a 64-bit and 32-bit system.

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