Enjoy communication services with a lesser RAM consumption via Messenger Lite APK. This communication app is designed for users who don’t want to affect their device’s performance while connecting to others. It runs perfectly on Android 4.0 or later devices. But it’s recommended that you download Messenger Lite for Android Latest Version.

Messenger Lite APK


Matter of fact, not everyone owns a device with a snapdragon processor and high RAM. But that doesn’t mean that he should not be allowed to access the benefits of social apps. It seems like Facebook Inc. knows that and has finally decided to deliver a Lite version of its official messenger app for Android.

Messenger Lite APK is a lightweight app designed for slower Android devices. But it can also be used on the latest & upgraded devices for a Lite experience. However, one thing has been kept the same, you don’t need to pay any real money to use this app. Else, some RAM consuming features are removed from the app.

Messenger Lite APK

Features of Messenger Lite APK

Messenger vs Messenger Lite

Normally it’s hard to locate a difference between a Lite and an official app. But in this app, you’ll see that the sticker animations are removed and you are no longer able to view/share the daily stories. Apart from that, you’ll see that the app’s interface is different and it works efficiently as compared to the official/older one.

Solo & Group Chats

Using Messenger Lite APK gives you the option of chatting in a way you want to. You can either start chatting with a single person or create a group of friends to chat with. A user is allowed to create a group of 250 users (including admin). Users can chat with each other for as long as they want to.

Messenger Lite for Android

Online Status

Users can acknowledge the status of the people they are trying to connect with. This app delivers the last seen or online status in every conversation. They can see the status to avoid all kinds of charades. Because the online status cannot be removed, but only shown to your friends on messenger.

Media Sharing

Just like WhatsApp messenger, users are allowed to share media files while chatting on Messenger Lite APK. No matter if you are chatting to a singular or in a group, you’ll always be allowed to share media files with others. In fact, it doesn’t take too long to share a file through this app.

Messenger Lite App Download

Free Audio & Video Calling

If you into video or audio calling, then this messenger for Android is the best platform for you. Because it doesn’t lag during calls and never disconnects when you have got a slower internet connection. Furthermore, you can also use it for group calling to more than fifty people.

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