You can’t make the meme again “Internet Explorer is just used for downloading the Google Chrome”. That joke and old and trash now. Because all-new Microsoft Edge is something else. Microsoft Edge for PC is the fastest browser ever designed for the Windows. When we talk about Windows it means we are talking about the most used computer operating systems in the world since the first generation of computers.

Microsoft Edge


Now it’s the 10th generation and still, Windows is on Top. Microsoft was not so serious before for the development of the browser and other Windows stock programs. But, they have done a record-breaking development on Microsoft Edge and the rest is history.

Microsoft Edge for PC

Today our tutorial is dedicated to the legacy of Microsoft Edge. Although it comes in stock with Windows. But some users have uninstalled the browser app. So, we highly recommend such users download the Microsoft Edge for PC, Windows 10, Windows 8, Widnows 7, Windows XP/Vista, and MacOS series. To download the browser app click on the Download button present in the pricing table.

Simple and speedy

Microsoft Edge loading and streaming speed are unmatchable. We have used the Opera, UC Browser, Firefox, and many other. But only Chrome can be called the match of Microsoft Edge because they own the web with majority shares. Microsoft Edge is clean and fast. No extra accessories, no useless stuff at the home. It is clean and clear. Now you can use the browser in full screen even hiding the taskbar.

New Reading Mode

Some new stuff is added in Windows 10 in advancement to the Windows 8 Reading mode. Now PDF files opening and reading is easier through the Microsoft Edge Reading mode. Now, you can find it very handy on Microsoft Edge. It facilitates you to save your writing body in this arrangement to work later. In fact, Microsoft Edge is working as a default for PDF’s in widow 10.

microsoft edge for PC

Cortana Support

Windows famous virtual assistant Cortana now supports the Microsoft Edge control also. You can manage the Microsoft edge matters through your voice command.

Other Features

  • Fast, clean, and lightweight
  • Fastest browser for windows 10
  • Loading of the page very fast
  • A default for PDFs in windows
  • Annotate web page
  • Connected with Cortana ( an assistant of Google and Apple )
  • New engine for speed up
  • Simple interface Reading mode format
  • Sync tabs of Android and iOS
  • Addition of Add-on