Download MKV Player for PC to fully enjoy media on your computer. Don’t judge this software because of its name, it can also run other famous media formats like MP4, AVI, & MP3. You can use it without having to pay a single dollar and you’ll love its user-friendly interface. So it would be best to install MKV Player for Windows 10/8/7 OS.

MKV Player


Certain media formats allow users to install third-party codecs. Because the built-in media players don’t support them, individuals are required to watch them after installing various codecs. Likewise, it’s hard to find the codec for specific formats, so why not install a media player that supports multiple media formats.

MKV Player for PC is useful for users who wish to watch media with .mkv formats. By default, the settings of the media player are quite useful if you are only using it to watch movies or series. You can simply launch the media player and upload the files that you would like to watch on it.

MKV Player For PC Features

MKV Player For PC

1. Media Association

Users are allowed to upload subtitle files from their device’s storage. In case, they are not satisfied with subtitle delivery speed, you can also tweak it. Similarly, you are allowed to customize the video speed of any video format that’s supported by the media player.

2. Take Screenshots

In case you find a precious or funny moment on media you are currently watching, you can save that moment by taking its screenshot. A screenshot button is available on the home interface of the media player. So you just have to click on the perspective button to save a picture using MKV Player for PC.

3. Customize Frame Rate

If you own a device with a different display that isn’t showing the right frame rate of media, you are allowed to change it. A media frame rate customization operation can be done directly from the player’s main interface. You don’t have to navigate to the program’s settings to complete this task.

4. Create Playlists

For your convenience, MKV Player for Windows allows you to create a whole playlist of your choice. No matter if the media is stored in different folder destinations, you can still add them into a singular playlist. Even create multiple playlists with different names.

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