Download MX Player APK with the help of this article. You should acknowledge that this media player for Android is favored by more than five hundred million users worldwide. So if you are trying to stick with its upgraded services, then getting MX Player for Android Latest Version serves best in your interest.

MX Player APK


To watch media files, you are required to have a media player. And some users are ok with using the default apps. But some want to access some extra services for further convenience. Well, such users have the choice of getting any multimedia player from the market or Google Play Store.

Using MX Player APK gives you a chance to explore the amazing facilities you can get from a free media player. Yes, it is available for free, but you also get its premium version as well. Getting the VIP subscription-only helps you remove the advertisements from the app’s interface. So if you are ok with the online-ads, then using the free version is good enough for you.

MX Player APK

Features of MX Player APK

MX Player is not an ordinary media player. Because it comes with lots of great facilities that you’ll never be able to encounter in any other players. So I think that they are worthy to talk about. Here, I’ll discuss some of the best facilities that you can get from this media player without paying any real money.

MX Player Compatibility

Friendly UI

You can easily complete your desired tasks using this multimedia player for Android. Because it contains a simple interface that’s easy to access according to your needs. All of the available media folders are available in the app’s interface, you can navigate to any folder accordingly.

Onscreen Gestures

MX Player APK is famous because of its onscreen gestures. All of the things can be done swiping your fingertips in the right direction. Volume up/down, playback speed, brightness, and so on. One of the most favored gestures is the screen lock that’s also known as kids or children’s lock.

MX Player for Android

Supported Media

This media player supports all kinds of media formats. You can use it to run both audio & video files. However, for the time being, users are allowed to play Mp3, Mp4, 3Gp, Mkv, and some other famous media formats. All of the supported media files are automatically added/shown in the app.

Subtitles Management

Just like the media files, you can also add any subtitle file to your videos & movies. Even when you are done in uploading them, you can also change the way they look in your videos. You can either zoom in/out and drag them to any place on the screen. Also, change their font type as you desire to do so.

MX Player App Download

Media Manager

Whenever you save a file in your device, you are allowed to view it inside the MX Player APK. You just have to launch the app and see the available folders. And you’ll also see a notification of new in front of folders in which you’ve just added a video(s). Though, now you are also allowed to share your desired files through this app.

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