To gain productivity and increase the workflow of your business use Nitro Pro, This is a fully functioning PDF file Editor and Creating tool. This tool allows you to edit page arrangement, graphics, and text. You can use this tool for both professional and personal usage, as this tool is made for all large and small businesses.

Nitro Pro

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Do you know that 70% of all Email attachments are PDF files? and only one out of ten office workers are using PDF file editor. This app offers a user interface just like Microsoft office. If you have ever used a Microsoft office that you will be able to use this application with ease.

Nitro Pro

Whether you’re working with contracts, forms, spreadsheets, or blueprints. This app allows you to use the tools to simplify PDF editing. This app also offers the protection that your important documents need. Moreover, you can also redact crucial documents to delete their content permanently.

Main Features Of Nitro Pro

Create PDF’s And Combine Files

Create PDF files from any virtual document, image, or file. Drag-n-drop to create or combine PDF’s you can also combine multiple files to create a single PDF file. Moreover, Nitro Pro is linked with Office 365, SharePoint 365, Onedrive for Business, Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive. Also, copy and paste sections of a PDF file with the format.

Nitro Pro

Edit PDF Files

There are many editing features of the PDF files. You can insert and edit text and images, Edit fonts and layouts, Shrink and repair PDF files, Insert and edit bookmarks, headers, and other. You can also create researchable and editable PDFs from scans with ORC. There are many more edit features that you can also use.

Acknowledge the format of PDF files before you edit them.

Store PDF’s Files Safe & Secure

This app allows you to add a password to keep the file safe. Moreover, You can also add permissions to keep your PDF file safe. All of the sensitive information on your PDF file can be redacted to permanently delete all of the sensitive information. You can also add restrictions so no one can copy or edit your important PDF file. Also, create and manage digital ID’s. There are many more security options that you can use.

Nitro Pro

List Of Features

  1. Create, Edit, and combine PDF’s.
  2. Concert file into any format.
  3. Apply and request an electronic signature.
  4. Build and fill PDF forms.
  5. Protection and security.
  6. Redact sensitive information.

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