Download OnTopReplica for PC to enjoy multiple applications on a singular screen. Because this freeware is developed for individuals who like to play games and perform other activities at the same time on their computer. It contains simple functionalities, so even novice users can easily benefit from it. So it would be best to install OnTopReplica for Windows 10/8/7 OS.



Every wise person is after finding ways to increase productivity. Even gamers now look into programs that help them perform other activities while playing different difficult games on PC. Because now you can watch movies or play games on a full screen while using a different application at the same display.

OnTopReplica for PC gives you the option of viewing other applications that are running in the background. It’s best for all kinds of users. For instance, it can be used by live broadcasters, people who like to share their opinions on different applications. That’s why it’s also preferred by teachers for online tutoring.

FAQs About OnTopReplica for PC

OnTopReplica for PC

How Do You Use OnTopReplica?

While an application is running in the background, you are allowed to open its replica and set it on top. So while running a different application, right-click on the screen and go to the “Select Window” section. Here, you’ll be able to select the application of whom you are allowed to create a replica.

Is OnTopReplica Safe?

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with using the services of OnTopReplica for PC. Because the application has nothing to do with your device’s storage. It only creates a replica of your program using your device’s virtual memory. Else, it doesn’t ask you to enter a promotion code by inviting several people or install a third-party app to benefit from its free services.

Can You Modify Replica Window?

Every user is allowed to use this program’s services to customize or use the replica window respectively. Meaning, users can set the window on the place of their choice, select whether they want to work on that window or not, etc. Even users are allowed to disable the mouse navigation of the copycat tabs.

What Are The System Requirements Of OnTopReplica?

OnTopReplica for Windows can run on slower devices. But it does require you to have a Microsoft .NET Framework, so it could work with the running applications and VM on your system. Also, you need Windows Aero, so it could work perfectly from one tab to another without any lags.

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