This tutorial will let you get the PC App Store for Windows Download. Android and iOS both have pretty well organized Apps Market. They have a categorical and well-arranged interface. Second and the main thing is they have a hell variety of apps in every category. On the other hand, if we see Windows Apps Market place there are a countable number of apps also the Microsoft Store is not organized. Windows Apps are not as famous as the Software. People prefer to download the “.exe” files of their desired App. But that’s not suitable for the giant and popular operating system like Windows.

PC App Store


The Windows OS is the most sued computer OS in the world. Its users deserve the App store like Android and iOS. Well, we don’t get the App Store in stock but we can get the second party. Download PC App Store for Windows and get a complete all in one App suite.

PC App Store for Windows 10 Features

These are the key feature that makes the PC Apps Store distinguished from the others. Infact it is much better than the Microsoft Store. Have a look at why PC App Store is the best alternative to Microsoft Store?

Organized App Store for PC

It is the complete set of apps that contains a hell of variety. You don’t need to browse the internet and search for a secure source. Rely on the PC App Store and this is a complete package.

Currently, there are nearly 2000 apps on the PC App Store that belong to different genres.

Safe and Secure

This product deserves to be called a trustworthy PC Apps Companion. Free of malware and scams everything is at it is mentioned. The only thing you need to care about is to select a secure and trustable source. By the way, we have uploaded the PC App Store for Windows exe file on our Google drive. Click on the Download button that is labeled in the table.

PC App Store for Windows

Compatibility Flexibility

Good software supports the various versions of OS. The software must support Windows XP and Windows 7 even they are not ongoing. PC App Store proves the versatility or you can its flexibility as it supports from Windows XP to Windows 10.

Remove the app

If you want to remove any app from the list, you can quickly uninstall it from the App Store directly. And, you can perform the activity with just one click.

Access the Chinese Apps: There are a lot of Chinese apps that you can install using the PC App Store for Windows. You can install the Chinese Search Engines like Baidu, Sogou, etc. Also, access to the Chinese Social Media, Cloud storage platforms, E-Commerce websites.

Credit Card for In-App Purchases

This is something we don’t either support or discourage. You have to decide for yourself either you want to buy some products from PC App Store or not. You Credit card so, your responsibility. We just want to inform you that the PC App Store offers some premium apps and features. You need to use your Bank Card to buy such products.

Attractive Interface

The PC App Store doesn’t put you in confusion. You will see a neat and clean interface once you opened the PC App Store for Windows 7/8/10. All elements are managed and aligned beautifully. No complications! not at all! every feature is simple and precise.

Other features in short

  • Easy and engaging interface
  • Use a credit card for getting services
  • Get access to the Chinese apps quickly
  • Safe and Secure from malware and viruses
  • Compatible with many types of apps.
  • Automatic scanning of files from Viruses to ensure maximum protection.
  • Quick uninstallation of unwanted apps.
  • PC App Store for Windows offers a lot of free apps for entertainment
  • Frequently updated systems bring the innovations that are required time by time.
  • Use of changelog and changing of wallpapers automatically

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