Download PdaNet For PC Windows and easily create a wireless connection between your Android smartphone and your Windows system. PdaNet is a useful internet data-sharing tool that creates a fast connection between devices and is very reliable. This tool can easily detect the active internet connection on your smartphone.



The internet data of your smartphone carrier will be shared with your Windows system. Moreover, this tool offers multiple ways to transfer internet data 1) USB Cable, 2) WiFi Sharing, 3) Bluetooth. This sharing method is also known as tethering. Using this tool, you can access your carrier’s full potential internet speed on your system.

PdaNet For PC is a lightweight tool but it offers great performance and stability. While you are utilizing the data of your smartphone carries on your Windows system while using the PdaNet tool. Then you can achieve some great internet speed on your Windows system.

This tool is offering a simple interface that is quite easy to use and understand. Moreover, all features and functions of this application are present on the home screen of the application. Auto-connect to the available network and easily use fast internet speed on your Windows PC.

PdaNet For PC

Benefits Of Using PdaNet For PC instead of Mobile Hotspot

PdaNet works by creating a secure mobile network for sharing the mobile data of your carrier. Users might be confused because most modern smartphones come with a built-in Mobile Hotspot for sharing internet data. However, there are many benefits of the PdaNet application.

  • Get a secure connection between devices. (Android and Windows)
  • Free sharing of internet data.
  • Take full advantage of your mobile carrier internet connection.
  • Gain fast internet speeds on your Windows system.
  • No special settings.

Note: Many smartphone carriers and smart devices prevent the user from sharing internet data. These carriers may charge you additional subscription payments. Moreover, you also may feel a slow internet connection if you are using a mobile hotspot. All this is for preventing the free sharing of mobile internet of your smartphone carrier.

How Does The PdaNet Application Works?

PdaNet software requires two applications to work. The first application will be installed on your Android smartphone and the other application will install on your Windows system. Users can easily download the PdaNet Android application from the link given below.

PdaNet Android App

How To Establish A USB Or WiFi Connection?

When the application installs, it automatically installs all of the required drivers for establishing a stable USB Connection. Moreover, this tool automatically detects/finds and connects to any modern Android device. The user has to install both PdaNet applications and need to activate mobile data sharing on the PdaNet Android application and then try to connect it on your Windows system.

PdaNet For PC

Drawback Of PdaNet Application

This application has sessions of one hour, After usage of one hour, this app will automatically finish its session and will automatically disconnect. Users are required to reconnect to continue using the internet on your Windows system. However, you can also purchase the full version of PdaNet For PC to get rid of sessions.

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