Download Picasa For PC which is the most popular image viewing and organizing tool available on the internet. With this tool, you will get many storage programs that you can use to organize and manage digital photos on your Laptop or Computer. Moreover, there are many additional features of this tool that you can also use.


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With the help of those additional features, you can also use the Picasa application as a Photo editor. You can remove red-eye effects, crop images, make slideshows, keyword searches, and more. With the help of the keyword, searches feature you can easily browse through a vast collection of images on your Windows PC or Laptop.

Make subtle improvements to your photos with the help of all of the additional features of the Picasa application. Moreover, this application automatically makes large thumbnails of each image. These large-sized thumbnails allow the user to quickly identify the images without any extra focus.

Picasa For PC

Once you have installed the Picasa application on your Windows PC. Then this application will search the entire internal storage files for movies, videos, images, and other related stuff. The image viewer that is built-in to this application can support multiple file formats. So there is very little chance that anything will be left behind.

Once all of the files are identified by Picasa For PC. Then this tool will automatically organize all of the files in chronological order that is dependent on the creation date of the files. Moreover, this tool has an auto-discovery engine that detects photos and files that you have recently moved to your PC.

When a new photo or file is discovered by the Picasa tool. Then it will automatically add all of the files to its database and will organize all of the files for you. This will save you time and energy for other important stuff. The only drawback of this tool that I have found is that it cannot read any externally connected storage device.

Picasa For PC

Features Of Picasa For PC


Picasa is basically not an editing application or tool. However, there are some of the basic editing features available in it. The basic editing features available in this application are as follow Red-eye removal, crop, slideshow, keyword search, and more.


Printing is also not one of the primary functions of this application. However, you can use this tool for online printing and for sharing images with others. With Picasa, you can select the print size as follow 3.5 x 5, 4 x 6, or Full Page Print.

Windows Compatability

Picasa For PC tool is compatible with Windows however, there are some limitations. This application is fully compatible with Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 8, and Windows Vista. Moreover, you can use this application in eight languages.

Picasa For PC

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