Puffin Browser For Windows is an ultimate web browser that allows the user to access the full potential of internet speed and enhanced web browsing experience. Most of the web browsers available on the internet use local computing power to render web pages.

Puffin Browser

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On the other hand, Puffin Browser can use unlimited cloud computing power to enhance its power, stability, and performance. This web browser is more than 200% faster than the built-in web browser on the latest Windows devices.

Features Of Puffin Browser

Puffin Browser


This web browser is using an enhanced java spirit and cloud computing technology to increase the processing speed of the browser. Puffin Web Browser runs more smoothly and loads pages much faster than any other browser. Moreover, this browser utilizes servers to preprocess and compress web pages for fast and speedy access.


This application is offering Encryption protection to protect all of the search data and searches. This application provides an extra layer of security if you using your credit or debit card information for online purchases. Users can also use free public WiFi hotspots with full protection.

All of the data that is transferring from your Puffin Web Browser to the Puffin servers is Encrypted. An Exclusive session is given to the user whenever he or she opens the Puffin Browser. This session automatically expires when the user closes the browser. Moreover, the session will also be deleted at the same time.

Puffin Browser

Flash Support

Directly opening Adobe Flash content is unsafe that is why Puffin Browser transfers all of the Adobe Flash content to its secured server. From there it is transferred to the Puffin Web Brower application for viewing. This transferring process removers all of the harmful viruses and dangerous activities.


This Web Browser is available on almost all operating systems including Windows, Mac OS, Raspberry Pi, IOS, and Android. However, this application is fully compatible with Windows 7 (SP 1) and Windows 10.

Main Features Of Puffin Browser

  • Cloud-based enhanced JavaScript engine that isolates malicious code.
  • Cloud-based Flash engine to display Flash content securely without taking any time.
  • Fully encrypted network traffic from Puffin Web Browser to the Puffin servers.
  • Enforcing restrictions on using client local web view to access any websites.
  • DNS protection for your system against the most common cyber threats.
  • Cloud-based Ad Blocker.

Puffin Browser

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