Download Recuva for PC to recover your deleted data with ease. No matter if you have deleted your important files by mistake, you can always allow this freeware to provide a restore facility. Even if you have deleted system files that are causing your system crash, you can use Recuva for Windows 10/8/7 OS for your benefit.



Everyone makes mistakes at some point. But that doesn’t mean that he should pay for his mistakes with the loss of memory. Meaning, if you accidentally delete your files, you should be allowed to recover them. That’s why a bunch of data recovery programs are introduced in the market for your convenience.

Recuva for PC allows you to recover deleted files at the time of your choice. You can select the type of your file and then allow the software to search for the deleted files of the same type. Once you get a list of files that can be recovered successfully, select the ones you would like to restore instantly.

Recuva for PC

FAQs About Recuva for PC

Q) What Kind Of Files Are Supported By Recuva?

A) All kinds of famous file formats are supported by Recuva. Users can restore file formats like NTFS, FAT, exFAT, etc from the program. You can also use it to recover data from pen drives. The program doesn’t restrict any kind of files or folders that you would like to recover on your computer.

Q) Is Recuva Really Free?

A) Gladly, you can download & install Recuva for PC without having to pay a single dollar. Because the program’s developed for the safety of computer owners. People who never wish to lose their important media and ISO files. It is developed by Piriform to help individuals who wish to recover files on Windows PC for free.

Q) Can Recuva Be Trusted?

A) Yes, you can trust Recuva PC to recover your private files. Because the software always encrypts your activities and never allows others to intercept during your confidential activities. Else, you can also use a free VPN to protect your privacy. This’ll help you bypass your activities and protect your network from hackers.

Q) Can Recuva Recover Damaged Files?

A) Every user has the authority of recovering damaged files using Recuva for Windows. It is also designed to decrypt files that were encrypted by hackers. So even if you have a corrupted drive, you’ll always be allowed to recover it for your benefit. Likewise, you can also use it to recover raw files.

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