Download Root Checker APK to access the real status of your handheld devices. This smartphone utility is developed for the sake of users who are not aware of all the complicated steps to check the root details of a device. So now with this facility, users can easily manage the root operating with ease. And it would be best to get Root Checker for Android Latest Version.

Root Checker APK


No doubt, rooting an Android device is a risky process. Still, developers take such a risk to test their newly developed apps & games on Android. So when you are rooting or unrooting a device for the first time, it’s a little difficult to trust the status that’s shown by the default OS. That’s why it’s better to get a third-party app to check whether if your device is secured or not.

Root Checker APK is an Android tool that’s added for the benefit of developers and programmers. Because it lets you gain access to the real root status of your smartphone. Different sections are made for individuals who are willing to get full details about the root details on Android.

Root Checker APK

Features of Root Checker APK

Free & Simple

It is very easy to execute root related operations through this app. And the basic services are free to access. But if you are willing to get extra details about the rooting status, then you will be required to buy the premium package. It’ll also help you bypass the advertisements that are shown on the app’s interface.

Root Tutorials

If you are a novice user and don’t know much about rooting an Android device, Root Checker APK will guide you. Because it contains tutorials that can be very helpful for individuals who are new to rooting their smartphones. Every root related term is explained by the developers that are available inside the app.

Root Checker for Android

Related Statistics

Users can also acknowledge the global rankings of devices that are manufactured by different industries. So they can learn about the difficulties they may face while rooting their devices. Likewise, the app will also guide you on the topics related to bypass the error you would never want to face.

Past Data

In case you just bought a new smartphone and want to watch its history related to root access, Root Checker APK is the app for you. Because it collects the glimpses of data that’s left after a device is rooted or unrooted. It’ll show the list of dates when your device was rooted as well as unrooted.

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