Download Speccy for PC to get details about your computer. This freeware lets you see what’s the current situation of the installed devices and notifies you about the unusual activities. It helps you locate the devices that are installed on your computer. So it would be best to install Speccy for Windows 10/8/7 OS.



You can always perform required operations, only when you are aware of the problem. In case when you are unable to acknowledge the internal and external problems, you are unable to make appropriate solutions. Likewise, before installing any high-end game, you would like to know the specs of their computer, as if they meet the game requirements.

Speccy for PC helps you view the list of hardware devices installed on your computer. You can use it to view the actual specifications of the system. View the details about network adapters, graphics card, internet/external memory, CPU, Motherboard, etc. Every detail is shown inside the software and it’s exactly according to the installed devices.

FAQs About Speccy For PC

Speccy For PC

Q) Is Speccy Harmful?

A) Speccy can be trusted, but only if you are downloading it from a trusted source. Else, the software is only designed to tell you about the devices that you have installed on your system. It has no agenda with the third-party applications you are using. So there’s nothing wrong with using the application for your benefit.

Q) Who Owns Speccy?

A) Piriform are the owners of Speccy for PC and they have also developed products to help you make the most out of your computer. The company has introduced products like CCleaner, Recuva, etc for the benefit of Desktop & Laptop users. And all the basic services from these programs are free to use.

Q) Does Speccy Tells About CPU Temperature?

A) Yes, Speccy helps you get notifies whenever your CPU is getting hot. You can check for your device’s temperature at any instance and do what needs to be done to fix it. Close the malicious apps, stop background processes or use the appropriate programs developed by the same company to bring it back to normal.

Q) Can You Save Speccy Processing Reports?

A) Individuals are allowed to export the reports as images, text, or Excel files. The reports bring convenience into the lives of gamers and media editing professionals, so they can get a game or software depending upon their device’s specifications. The reports are exported directly to the selected file destination.

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