Download TeraCopy For PC to copy and move files at high-speed, with more security. If you work with a lot of files. Then you should use a tool like TeraCopy to increase productivity. This tool works with fast speed and skips some unnecessary files. These skipped files are shown in the last of the transferring process.

With this tool, you can transfer a large amount of data in a matter of minutes. Moreover, there are many additional features like calculating the CRC checksum value. This tool is fully integrated with the Windows platform, and you can easily use his tool as a default copy handler.

Features Of TeraCopy For PC

TeraCopy For PC

Copy error

In case you are transferring files and an error occurs. The TeraCopy app will automatically try to recover itself. If the TeraCopy app is unable to recover the file. Then it will skip the problematic file only. This app will not terminate the entire transfer.

Moreover, if you lost your network connection or there is an issue with the device connection. Then the TeraCopy app will wait for the network connection to reconnect. Furthermore, while transferring files, this tool skips multiple unnecessary files to reduce the transfer time. Find all of the problematic files which failed the transferring process. So you don’t have to look for the files which unable to transfer.

TeraCopy For PC

File Verification

When any file transfer finishes. The TeraCopy app verifies the files to confirm that the files are identical. This process is done by scanning the sources of the files. Here is a list of supported algorithms CRC32, MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256, SHA-512, Panama, Tiger, RipeMD, Whirlpool, and xxHash.


Dran-n-Drop is one of the basic features of any file transferring application. Moreover, this app also provides a drag-n-drop confirmation dialogue. This feature can prevent you from moving files to the wrong destination. This feature is optional, and you can activate it from the settings.

TeraCopy For PC


This tool keeps a history of all of the files that you have moved or transferred. In case you forget where you transferred a file, you can always check the history to find it. Moreover, all moved files are saved with the original time and date of transfer.

Main Features Of TeraCopy For PC

  • Free app for transferring and copying files.
  • Fast transferring of data.
  • Skip files to save time.
  • Separately shows problematic files.
  • Drag-n-Drop verification.
  • Files are saved with date and time.
  • File transferring history.

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