Download Test DPC APK to handle the policies of your developed apps. Because this smartphone utility is designed for the sake of developers who like to check their apps before introducing them in the market. It ensures that users have all the nesscary privileges to customize their applications. So it would be better to get Test DPC for Android Latest Version.



A developer has to meet lots of requirements before launching an app. Because just the coding and designing aren’t enough, users also have to ensure that their app meets the policy requirements of the market. So the developers also have to take care of righteous privileges, so their products don’t harm a user’s device.

Test DPC APK is developed for the benefit of manufacturers of smartphone apps. This device policy controller checker is available for free and users can start benefiting from its services without registering. However, it works perfectly on both rooted & unrooted Mobile OS. But it only supports devices with Android 5.0 or above version.


Features of Test DPC APK

Policy Customizations

Users can use this application to manage the policies of their desired apps that they haven’t yet introduced in the market. Individuals can easily tweak the accessibility options whenever they want to. Because it’s the simplest process you can perform while using this app’s services on your handheld devices.

App Privileges

Using Test DPC APK lets you select which apps you would like to hide or unhide. Also, lots of options are available inside the Apps Management section that users can benefit from. And if they are willing to take care of its collision with the system apps, they need to load the app manifest.

Test DPC for Android

Handle Account Details

Individuals can select their account privileges whenever they want to. This application lets users select who else is allowed to tweak the policies and who isn’t allowed to access their account activities. Even they can enable or disable the Bluetooth sharing of files at any time of their choice.

Bandwidth Details

An app can never be good if it’s consuming lots of bandwidth while running in the background process. So Test DPC APK can also be used to locate the details about how much bandwidth an app will consume. Users can set a time limit from which they are willing to detect the data usage of a specific application.

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